About Jungle Jacs

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Come on down or swing on by our very own, adventure jungle for hours of fun and excitement. Whether it be zapping each other in our 3 storey lazer arena, sliding down our 21ft water effect slides, shooting your friends in our banana splat ball pit, bouncing with your friends and shooting hoops in our 2,000sft elevated trampoline bounce zone or bumping and spinning with your friends in our glow in the dark bumper car circuit, you’re sure to have one great time! Even our little jungle visitors have their very own play area with slides and toys. Jungle Jac’s has individual party rooms for your birthdays or special occasions.

We even have a great cafeteria to tickle all your taste buds, with fresh sandwiches, soups and more to suit everyone’s taste. Parents can relax with a coffee and muffin or catch with up with work using our free wireless internet, knowing your child is playing in a safe and secure environment.

Jungle Jac’s has strict security and rules because your safety is paramount. All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (18 yrs or over) and will be tagged.

Drop in for one awesome jungle fun time!

Our brand new outdoor inflatable bounce zone will be open everyday during the summer. (weather permitting).