Do I sign a waiver every time I visit?

You don’t need to sign a waiver at every visit. Once you have signed once. You are good. However,every child and  adult must sign on their first visit. online waiver form link

Do I need to come earlier than my party start time?

No. This actually slows down our process. We need you to arrive at your designated party time. You will be asked for a guest list and to sign your party waiver form.

What do I need to bring to the party?

We provide everything you  need: cutlery, plates, napkins, cups & drinks. You may bring room decoration or table cloths, this is optional. Balloons MUST be weighted down.

Do I need to know what the children would like to eat in advance?

No,we will ask them upon arrival for their choice of hot dog or cheese pizza.

Does Jungle Jacs provide birthday cakes?

No. Bring your birthday cake with you.

Who is responsible for the children?

Parents and/or guardians, not Jungle Jacs staff, are responsible for the supervision and behavior of the children and MUST remain on site at all times.

Do you have a fridge or freezer for birthday cakes?

Yes. We have both fridges and freezers for the cakes.

Are we allowed to bring outside food to a party?

No outside food or beverages are permitted, with the exception of birthday cakes. This is per Fraser Health and insurance regulations and is strictly enforced.

What if my child has a food allergy?

If a child has food allergies we allow you to bring in their food and we will be happy to serve it at the birthday meal time.

How can I feed any adults at my party?

We offer adult food/drink packages. These needs to be ordered and paid for in advance.

Can we get more time in the birthday party room after our party?

No.you cannot extend your time unless you book extra slots. You are welcome to move your guests to the main seating area for extra play time once your party time ends.

What is safe to wear in Jungle Jacs play area?

All adults and children must wear socks when entering the play area.

Can I bring siblings/teenagers to help supervise children?

Yes, but any person 17 years or under that is playing / child minding or spectating must be paid for. ADULTS ARE FREE!!!