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Children Supervision

CHILDREN ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT / GUARDIAN VISITING JUNGLE JAC’S. WE DO NOT SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (18 yrs or over)

Outside food and drink is NOT permitted within Jungle Jac’s. Food and beverages must be consumed at tables and NOT in the play area.

Jungle Jac’s is a non-smoking facility.

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Socks are required for play. This helps prevent spreading germs. It also stops feet from sticking to equipment therefore ensuring your child’s protection.

Children must NOT climb up the slides. This is a common cause of injury!

  • All loose articles and jewelry must be removed before entering the play area.
  • Chewing gum is NOT allowed in Jungle Jac’s.
  • No running or charging.

Any medical condition that could hinder your child’s play should be reported upon arrival. 

Jungle Jac’s reserves the right to refuse admission and to request any individual who violates our safety and security rules to leave the facility immediately. No refunds can be made. Jungle Jac’s urges everyone to adhere to all rules for a safe and fun-filled time.

We use a security wrist band and u.v. stamp format. This serves as an excellent form of protection for ourguests.

We would appreciate parent/guardian participation as this is not always 100% efficient. The adult who registers with the child/children on arrival MUST be present upon departing; showing their corresponding bands.

We understand that this format takes a little time upon arrival and departure we hope that you appreciate the importance of the safety factor.

We do not allow any in and out privileges, but there is no time limit.