How Your Party Will Run

-Birthday Parties are 2 hours and 30 minutes long, from arrival to end. Please ONLY arrive maximum 5 mins before your party start time. Coming too early will overlap with the earlier check-in delaying everyone.

-Your food time and private party room is 90mins after your arrival time.

-Arrive at your designated party time at our check-in desk, you will be asked for the party guest list. We will check-in each child and take their individual food order. (cheese pizza or hotdog and popcorn)

-Your party will then go into our main play area. The children will have 90 minutes to play.

-You will then called into your private party room for 1 hour, your party food and drink is served. (Adult food package served at this time also if ordered) After food your cake will arrive – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Remaining time after cake can be used for gift opening etc.

JungleJac’s now even provide goodie bags for $5.00 each to make it even less hassle.

-Once your 1 hour private party room time is finished, this ends your party / room time. (2 hours 30 minutes) Please understand during busy weekends our hosts must be strict with ROOM TIME LIMITS as we will need the area for other parties.

However, you do not have to leave the facility. Your party can return to the main jungle play area for up to ONE further hour.

-Ready to GO! Once you are ready to leave, please ensure ALL of your guests have left. The birthday child will receive a FREE Jungle Jacs T-Shirt.

You may pay your balance at the front desk. You are only charged for the number of children that attend the party (min 8 children), not what number you booked for. Remember to collect your remaining cake or else we just may eat it!!

# Please note: Any persons 17 years or under that is entering the facility, wether playing or childminding is eligible for entry fee. ALL ADULTS ARE FREE

We recommend children should wear casual clothing. Socks are required. A $50.00, non-refundable deposit is required to book and hold a party.